Congressman Mike Pence on Kevin Pape

“As we departed Bagram Airfield, we walked down an informal plywood hallway lined with photographs of the fallen. On the wall appeared the words, “Some Gave All.” As I glanced at the most recent framed photograph, I stopped in my tracks. There before me was the face of Fort Wayne native, Staff Sgt. Kevin Pape who fell in Afghanistan just one week ago. I snapped a quick photograph of the wall of tribute for his family and marveled at the hushed tone of respect from senior officers as they described how he fought and how he died. While I am not at liberty to discuss the circumstances, I can say Staff Sgt. Pape was a courageous soldier who demonstrated extraordinary valor to the end. Every Hoosier should remember the name and pray for the family of Staff Sgt. Kevin Pape.” (just below the second picture)

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