Funeral Arrangements

Service Arrangements:

Klaehn, Fahl, Melton Funeral Home
6424 Winchester Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46819

Viewing 4-8pm – Thursday 11/25

Viewing 12-1pm – Friday 11-26

Funeral Service – Friday 11-26 – 1pm

5 Responses to Funeral Arrangements

  1. Carla Thurston says:

    Thank you Kevin Pape! You gave it all for us. We are proud of you!

  2. Kristen Michelle Pape says:

    Kevin was loved by many. When I think about Kevin I have endless memories of a big chunk of my life. Me and Kevin went through alot together and thats the key word-together. I couldn’t have done it without him. Now that my brother is in a better place alongside our mother, he has passed on the strength of a whole army of men to me. I promise on my brothers honor, I will take care of his family the best I know how. Thats what he would’ve wanted. Amelia, Anneka- I will be there for both of you no matter what. I love you Brother and I miss you so very much.

  3. Annette Carbaugh says:

    I knew Kevin during his growing up years, especially grade school. He was such a great kid that was very gifted in sports, and always there for a laugh or a smile. He had two very loving parents and an adorable little sister. I am so thankful to Kevin’s family for being supportive to him as he grew to be the leader that made him into the man that would give up everything for his fellow man, even life itself. Although I didn’t get to know Kevin in his adult life, I am so thankful to him, for all that he did to serve our country. I am so sad that he had to lose his life doing it, but I also am assured that because he knew Jesus’ grace for him, that he is enjoying eternal life with His creator, and that we will join and celebrate with him one day. God’s blessings and peace to Kevin’s family!

  4. Jim Grant says:

    You have led the way Ranger, now go with God. His arms are open. May GOD receive you into his open arms and look after your love ones during this time of sorrow and pain.


    The Grant Family
    Proud Veteran and Father of one of America’s Elite Rangers

    “He who sheds his blood for my flag and his life for my home and country is now and forevermore my brother.I will honor and respect him for the rest of my life”.

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